SEND at Farnham 

At Farnham Primary we are a fully inclusive and wheelchair accessible school. We support all pupils to achieve their full potential, academically, personally, socially and emotionally across all areas of the curriculum and in preparation for the future.

Children may have a special educational need which requires additional support for their learning.  They may have a specific physical or learning need which requires adapted support or additional provision to be made. We use the Bradford guidance for the Graduated Approach, implementing the Assess-Plan-Do-Review cycle.  There are varying stages of SEND, the document below shows the definitions used in terms of SEND. Please click on the link below.

Definitions of terms used for SEND

Every year the Special Needs Co-ordinator writes an annual report to the Governing Body.  You can read the document here.

Farnham SEND Information Report

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making or if you think you child has additional needs, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.  You can also make an appointment to speak to the SENCO, Mrs Keenan to discuss your child if you have any further concerns. Please Contact the office on 01274 573297 to make an appointment.


Additional Information

Farnham SEND Local Offer Statement

PAY SEND Policy March 2022

Accessibility Plan

Bradford Local Offer


Resources for SEND children and their families
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