Year 5

Please help your children better understand the situation by looking through ‘Children’s Guide to Coronavirus’. Click here:

Dear parents and children,

Welcome to year 5. It has been wonderful to see you all in school these last few weeks. You have all made an excellent start.

If you need to stay at home and can not come into school to learn, we will continue to help you with your education. We will update this page regularly on work you can do either by yourself, or with the help of an adult. There are more links on the Home Learning page containing subject specific tasks you can complete. You have also been given you login details for Purple Mash which you can access here. There are plenty of activities and tasks you can do so you are not missing out.

The most important thing you can do at home is read. Please read for at least 20 minutes every day – longer if you are not in school. This should be a mixture of reading by yourself and reading with an adult. Please see the links that will take you to online resources in case you have read all your books at home. 

Take care of yourself and your family.

Mrs Kirwin, Mr Naylor, Mrs Makh


English     English     English     English

w/c 16th November

Click here for a task on the two functions of apostrophes.

Click here for an activity on using pronouns to avoid repetition

Click here for an activity on fronted adverbials and using commas

w/c 23rd November


Read the next part of our book, Clockwork

What should Karl do? Should he take the knight or not?

Write a list of reasons why he should take the knight and a list of reasons why he shouldn’t take the knight.

Read this letter to Karl, persuading him not to take the knight.

Persuasive letter

Now, using the example as a good model, write a letter to persuade Karl to take the figure or not to take the figure.

Relative clauses 

Find the features of a newspaper

Writing a newspaper report

Edit a newspaper report


English     English     English     English

Reading for pleasure
Reading – favourite characters
Reading – book recommendations

Reading Comprehension 1
This week we are reading The Apple Raid. Read this by yourself and then with an adult. You can then answer the questions either by printing out the sheets or just on a piece of paper.

The apple raid text

The apple raid questions

Spellings and Learn by Heart Targets
Every Friday we will have a spelling test and a Learn by Heart focus activity. You will need to find time at home to learn and practice your spellings and to work with an adult on a set of Learn by Heart facts


w/c: 16th November 2020

Silent letters

lamb   thumb   doubt   subtle   solemn   autumn   knight   known   knuckle   knife

Learn by Heart Fact: I know all the times tables to 12×12

(focus on 9 times table)

9 times table song

w/c: 9th November 2020

adding s or es

dog / dogs   elephant / elephants   dish / dishes   fox / foxes   baby / babies   lady / ladies   toothbrush / toothbrushes   church / churches

Click here for a lesson on when to use s or es

or here for another lesson

Learn by Heart Fact: I know all the times tables to 12×12

(another week to focus on 4 and 8 time tables)

Multiplying by 4

Multiplying by 8

w/c: 2nd November 2020

ir   ire

bird   third   shirt   skirt   first   thirsty

fire   wire   retire   inspire   expire   squire   enquire

Learn by Heart Fact: I know all the times tables to 12×12

(focus on 4 and 8 time tables)

w/c: 19th October 2020

Word Roots

act;   actor;   action;   activity;   port;   portable;   porter;   export;   import;   report;   report;   scribe;   scribble;   manuscript;   typescript

Learn by Heart Fact: I know all the times tables to 12×12 (focus on 3 and 6 times tables)

Click here to sing along to the times table songs as well as complete some To Dos.

w/c: 12th October 2020

ar / are

ar as in bark;   barn;   cart;   smart;   start;   car

are as in care;   rare;   fare;   aware;   beware;   scare;   spare;   stare;   share

Learn by Heart Fact: I know all the times tables to 12×12 (focus on 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables)

Click here to sing along on Purple Mash

To help support your learning if you are unable to come to school, we would like you to access the online lessons on the Oak National Academy website. These lessons are delivered by real teachers and they match what we are teaching in class so you don’t miss any valuable learning.

To begin the online lesson, you need to click on the link (the name of the lesson) and it was will take you to the website. You will need: paper, a pen or pencil and your best ‘can do’ attitude.


1) Complete the introductory quiz
2) Watch the video
3) Read the lesson slides
4) Complete the quiz/set task.

w/c 9th November 

Finding all possible numbers that could have been rounded to a multiple of ten

Applying rounding for estimating (adding)

Applying rounding for estimating (subtracting)


Rounding to estimate

Look at these calculations. Use your knowledge of rounding to estimate what the answers will be. Then, on another piece of paper, work out the correct answers. How close were your estimations?

Estimate answers speed challenge

w/c 16th November

Use your knowledge of addition, subtraction and inverse operations to solve these problems
Rounding to estimate problems
Can you work out the number I am thinking of?

w/c 23rd November

Revise and practise your addition skills click here

Revise and practise your subtraction skills click here

Use addition and subtraction skills to solve number pyramid puzzles click here
Arithmetic Tests

These are the arithmetic tests we use in school. Try to complete one each day.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 7

Science   Science   Science   Science   Science

Click here to visit the European Space Agency website specially designed for children with all you need to know about space.

It has animations, facts, games, puzzles and quizzes to stimulate and enrich learning about Earth and space.

In our Science lessons, we looked at what is needed to become a Space Engineer. Have a look at this leaflet and put your ideas into practice. We would love to see some pictures of your finished crew capsule.

Design a crew module