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Our teachers are Mrs Kirwin (1LK) and Miss Bibi (1HB)

Our learning support assistants are Mrs Kaur, Mrs Shabir, Mr Hassan & Miss Khalid


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Here is some advice from the Oxford Owl website to help adults help you to learn your spellings.


Half-termly Mini Project

At the end of each term, your child will be asked to complete a mini project to support them with their learning next half-term. Please click on the link below to see your child’s half-termly project. They can return their project on the first day back at school.

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In DT, we took our learning outside to learn which fruits and vegetables grow above the ground and which grow below the ground. We then weeded the planting box ready for some new seeds.





In geography we have been learning about the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. We looked at a range of sources including Google Earth, globes, maps and atlases. We developed our fine motor skills and pencil control by tracing maps of the United Kingdom and constructed our own mini London, showcasing some of the major landmarks there.






We have been studying Picasso in Art. We have looked at his work and taken inspirtation from him to draw self-portraits in a similar style. We made Picasso faces out of 2D shapes and then went on to create faces out of clay and paint them after.






In History, we learnt about the Gunpowder Plot and how we remember this event form the past. We used our teamwork skills to build replica bonfires which were strong enough to hold a model Guy Fawkes.






In science we have been learning about our bodies and our senses. We explored the nature garden to discover what we could see, hear and smell as well as looking for objects that had different textures. We turned the role play into a hospital where we were able to look after patients who had injuries to their bodies. We tasted foods and discovered that our sense of smell plays a part in what foods taste like and we enjoyed continuing our learning through creating and labelling play dough bodies and chalk skeletons.







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We enjoy keeping up to date with world affairs and events are hot topics for discussion and debates.