Year 2

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Please continue to help your child at home. All children have been given a purple mash log in. Please listen to your child read every day and make sure they know all their Learn By Hearts.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Neely and Mrs Marsden

Remember it is important to stay happy, healthy and safe during this time.  

Handwriting. You must be able to form your letters, sitting on the line correctly. Remember finger spaces between words.



Can you complete these 15 questions?

1. 5 + 5 + 5= 6. 2 x 7 = 11. 6 x 10 =
2. 4 + 3 + 7 = 7. 50 + 3 = 12. 17 + 2 =
3.52 – 30= 8. 67 – 7 = 13. 7 x 10 =
4. 39- ? = 10 9. ? – 5 = 8 14. 50 ÷ 10 =
5. 8 x 10 = 10. 23 + 21 = 15. 10 ÷ 10=

Learn By Heart

Learn by Heart Homework

The Autumn term focus:

Place Value 

Addition and subtraction

Make your own resources to support your learning. The children are familiar using counters, place value counters, tens and ones, arrow cards and 100 squares in school. Download and print the document below.

Addition and subtraction activities week 1

Resources to help your child with maths and place value activities

For a daily mathematics lesson with a video visit:

Daily mathematics lesson
We are currently on week 5
This covers the mathematics learning we are doing in class.


Addition and subtraction linked to the videos


Oak Academy maths

Follow the links for place value, addition and subtraction lessons from Oak Academy.

Place value
Addition and subtraction

Telling the time

By the end of Year 2, you should be able to tell; o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. Use the interactive clock to practise.

Interactive clock

Reasoning and Problem Solving 1
Reasoning and Problem Solving 2
Reasoning and Problem Solving

Times Tables Rock Stars.         Play to add points to your class

Don’t forget to use Times Tables Rock Stars!


The year group battle so far:




Last half term we were looking at plants. Can you create a poster to help people look after their plants?

Can you create a diagram to explain the life cycle of a sunflower.

This half term we are developing our scientific skills.


I have a bowl of water and have sprinkled black pepper on top. I have dipped my finger in washing up liquid. Make a prediction.


I think that……

Now watch the video.

What happened?

Our new topic is all about Bradford in the past

Can you make a timeline to show your own history?

Our half termly Newsletter- Autumn 2

Autumn 2 2020

Watch and listen to the story Jim and the Beanstalk. This has been our focus in our English lessons in Autumn 1.

English activities linked to Jim and the Beanstalk.

Jim and the Beanstalk activities

In Autumn 2, we have looked at the story called Room on the Broom

Can you retell the story using wow verbs and adjectives from the original story?

Accurate Apostrophes

Apostrophes for Possession

Can you write some sentences about the witch from our story using apostrophes for possession?


The witch’s black, pointy hat blew off her head and fell to the ground.

2JN planned a new story

  • Opening- The witch was going to a party at the castle.
  • Build up- The witch picks up her woodland friends. There was badger, hedgehog, bat and squirrel.
  • Problem- The broom ran out of magic and they all fell to the ground. The Grinch saw the witch and wanted to tie her up so she couldn’t go to the party.
  • Resolution- The woodland animals looked like a monster and scared The Grinch away.
  • Ending- The animals and witch all went to the party.

Can you be an author and write our new story using the correct punctuation, wow adjectives and verbs? It would be even better if you could use apostrophes. 

Try turn your story into a book. You could be an illustrator too and add the pictures for your story.


In Year 2, we follow the Read Write Inc scheme.

The order we teach the sounds in:

Set 1- 

m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o,

c, k, u, b

f, e, l, h, sh

r, j, v, y, w

th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk

Set 2- 

ay,  ee,  igh,  ow,  oo,  oo,  ar,  or,  air, ir,  ou,  oy

Set 3-


ea,  oi,  a-e,  i-e,  o-e,  u-e, aw, are, ur, er, ow, ai, oa, ew, ire, ear, ure, tion, tious/ cious


How to support your child with their phonics

Follow the link below to access ebooks to support your child at home.

Click on my class login

The username is 2farnham and the password is read.


Set 1 activities


Find below the real words and alien words for each set



These are the words that your child should be able to read and spell by the end of year 2.

These are the words that your child should be able to read and spell by the end of year 2

Story Time

Story Time 4 My best friend, Bob

Questions about the story.

  1. Who were the guinea pigs in the story?
  2. What three things do guinea pigs do best?
  3. Why did the boy take Bob?
  4. What did the boy change Bob’s name too?
  5. How do you think Brian felt when the boy took Bob?
  6. Who bought Brian?
  7. Why did Brian want to be back in Pete’s Pet Palace?
  8. Who was the little boy who looked into Brian’s box?
  9. How did the guinea pigs feel at the end of the story?

Writing linked to the story

Can you write write a letter or make a card for someone you are missing?

Can you play i spy with someone in your house and then write the rules for someone else to play?

Can you find out how to look after guinea pigs and write a leaflet to help the boy?

Story Time 3 Beware of the Bears

Questions about the story.

  1. Why were the bears hopping mad?
  2. Who went to find out where Goldilocks lived?
  3. What cereal did the bears eat?
  4. What did they do in the living room?
  5. What did the bears do upstairs?
  6. What did Goldilocks do when she saw the bathroom flooded with water and decorated with shaving foam?
  7. Why did Goldilocks laugh when she saw the bears?
  8. Whose house was it?
  9. What do you think the owner might do when he finds out what the bears have done?

Writing linked to the story

Can you write a similar story and have the bears do different things in the rooms. Can you change who the house belongs to?

Can you write a letter to the Wolf from the bears to apologise?

Design your own breakfast cereal box.

Story Time 2 – Into the Forest

Questions about the story.

  1. What woke the boy?
  2. Where do you think dad is?
  3. What did mum ask the boy to do?
  4. Why did he go through the forest?
  5. Which story characters did the boy meet in the forest?
  6. Who was the boy like in the story?
  7. Who did you think was going to be at Grandma’s house?
  8. Why was Grandma’s voice different?
  9. How did the boy feel at the end of the story? why?

Writing linked to the story

Can you write a recipe to make cake?

Write a get well card to Grandma.

In this story there were some traditional tale characters. Can you retell one of these stories.

Can you write a similar story and meet different characters?

Story Time 1 – Owl Babies

Questions about the story.

  1. What were the names of the baby owls?
  2. Who were they waiting for?
  3. Can you use some adjectives to describe the owls?
  4. Where was their mummy?
  5. What word does the author use to describe how she flew through the trees.
  6. Can you use this word in your own sentence?
  7. How do you think the babies felt when they saw their mummy? why?
  8. Owls are nocturnal animals. What does that mean?
  9. Can you think of some other nocturnal animals?

Writing linked to the story

Find out all about owls. Write a report about them using subheadings.

Write a fact sheet about owls or a different nocturnal animal.

Can you write a similar story using a different nocturnal animal?

Write a ‘What am I?’ riddle and see if we can guess the nocturnal animal you are describing.

Talk For Writing

Elves and the Shoemaker
The Magical Teaching Box
Rainbows, rainbows everywhere

Welcome to batch four of our home-school English units.
Welcome to the fifth and final batch of our English workbooks.