All children should wear school uniforms at all times.  Children who receive free school meals can receive support with uniforms. Please speak to the admin team, headteacher or learning mentor.

Uniforms with logos can be purchased from Natasha’s School Uniform shop or Academia School Uniform shop.

All children need to wear a red jumper or cardigan and a white polo shirt.  These items are available with the Farnham logo from Natasha’s or Academia’s school uniform shop.

Natasha’s School Uniform Shop

12 New John Street



(behind Jean Junction)

Tel: 742949

or from Academia Uniforms

Academia Uniforms

11a Newton Street



Tel: 735527

We aim to ensure that the cost of non logoed school uniforms is reasonable and secures the best value for money and can be easily purchased from Asda, Tesco, Primark and Aldi.

Please note that it is not mandatory to have a logo on your uniform.

Nursery  –  Boys & Girls                                                                     

White polo shirt (optional with logo)

Red, round neck sweatshirt (optional with logo)

Grey trousers or skirt/pinafore/Shalwar Kameez

Black shoes

Year Reception  – Year 6  –  Boys                                  

White polo shirt (optional with logo)

Red, round neck sweatshirt (optional with logo)

Grey trousers

Black shoes

Year Reception  –  Year 6  –  Girls

White polo shirt (with or without logo)

Red, round neck sweatshirt or cardigan (optional with logo)

Grey skirt or pinafore dress or grey shalwar kameez

Red checked summer dress

Black shoes

PE Kits

A pair of black pumps in a red, drawstring pump bag.   (the slip-on or velcro type are best),

Plain, white, round-neck T-shirt

Pair of black shorts, leggings or joggers.

Plain, black trainers for outdoor PE lessons.

Plain, black, zipped hoodie or sweatshirt.

On the day of their PE, children can wear their PE kit to school and plain, black trainers.

Pumps must be kept in school with a pump bag.

It is essential that all school clothing, PE clothing, pump bags and footwear are marked with your child’s name.

Hairstyles:  Please ensure your child’s hairstyle is sensible and appropriate.  No fashion stylings, patterns or colours please.

Long hair should be tied back and children should not wear jewellery when they have PE lessons.

Book bags

All children need a red bookbag which can be purchased from Natasha’s or Academia.