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Our teachers are Mrs Hall (RHH) and Mrs Mercer (RHM)

Our learning support assistants are Mr Feeley, Mrs Kausar, Mrs Akhtar, Mrs Arif and Mrs Kausar

In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Years curriculum. Through play, our children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world around them. They have the opportunity to think creatively alongside others as well as on their own. They communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems. We deliver opportunities for exploration of all 7 areas of learning through purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led, adult-initiated and child-initiated activities. This is supported by offering a range of real life experiences through educational visits and visitors in school.

Curriculum Newsletters

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Reception Homework

Reading – You should read with your child for at least 5 minutes every day. Your child will receive a phonics book as well as a reading book. Please ensure that these are in your child’s book bag every day. Support your child to read the words and discuss what is happening in the story. The class teacher will listen to your child read and change your child’s book on a weekly basis. 

Elmer: 30th Anniversary Edition: 1 (Elmer Picture Books): McKee, David: 9781842707319: Books             Read Write Inc. Phonics: Sound Blending Books - Mixed Pack of 10 (1 of each): Archbold, Tim, Miskin, Ruth: 9780198424567: Books      Read Write Inc. Phonics: Red Ditty Book 1 Pin It On: Miskin, Ruth, Munton, Gill, Archbold, Tim: 9780198479123: Books

Oracy – Each week you will receive a text message containing the weekly ‘BIG Question’. Please discuss the question with your child and share ideas.

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Home school communication bookYour child will come home with a home school communication book on a Friday. This tells you what they have been doing at school that week. There will always be a small task to complete over the weekend. The class teacher will collect these in on Monday. Please feel free to share what you have done over the weekend or if your child has done something new. We love to hear what they have done over the weekend.

Here are some examples-



Below are the core stories we will be covering in the Autumn term. Here are a list of questions you could ask your child after listening to the story.

 What do you think might happen in this story?

What was that character’s name again?

How did the story end?

Which words do you think best describe this character?

Can you make up a different ending to this story?



Please see the videos and activities below to support children in blending words.

Blending video 1
Blending video 2
Blending video 3

Blending activity 1
Blending activity 2
Blending activity 3


Half Termly Projects

At the end of each half term your child will be asked to complete a project to support them with their learning next half term. Please see below your child’s half termly projects. They can return their project on the first day back at school.

Aspirations Mini Project

Water Mini Project

Shopping Mini Project

Water Mini Project

Mini Beasts Mini Project


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We enjoy keeping up to date with world affairs and events are hot topics for discussion and debates.