Year 4

Our Year 4 teachers are Mr Asquith (4RA) and Mrs Heaton  (4JH) 

Our support assistants are Mrs Ali and Mrs Akhtar



Mini Project:

Egyptian project

Holiday Mini Projects

Weekly spellings

Below you will find the weekly spelling lists for each week of the term. These can also be found on purple mash where children can practise online! Please make sure your child practises these at home every week. This could be by…

  • Practising each word using the ‘say, cover, write and look’ method.
  • Writing the words using different colours or fonts.
  • Try giving your child a quiz- how many can they get right? Can they beat their own score?
  • Using each word in their own sentences.
  • Could you write your own short story that contains all of the words of the week?
  • You could put them on post it notes around the house as a constant reminder!


Autumn 2 spellings overview


Curriculum Newsletter

Year 4 Summer 1 newsletter

Autumn 1

Autumn 2


Learn by Heart Homework

MTC Information for parents


Times table Rockstars!

In year 4 we are very competitive when it comes to times tables! We love challenging each other in races on purple mash, in our weekly tests and we love to earn stickers when we learn each times table! Remember, there are weekly challenges set on purple mash and your TTRS rockstars will shortly be updated for you to use. You can also try out some of these websites below or try:

  • Getting an adult to quiz you on the way to/from school.
  • Creating your own times table game!
  • Writing your own times table song!
  • Writing each times table using different colours or fonts.
  • Designing a poster to teach others a certain times table.