Year 3

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Our teachers are Miss Ryan & Mr Antony (3AR) and Miss Turner (3ET)

Our learning support assistants are Ms Sattar, Mrs Corboz and Miss Majid


Curriculum Newsletters

Year 3 Newsletter – Autumn 1

Year 3 Newsletter – Autumn 2

Year 3 Newsletter – Spring 1

Year 3 Newsletter – Spring 2

Year 3 Newsletter – Summer 1


Year 3 and 4 spelling word mat


Half-termly mini project

At the end of each term, your child will be asked to complete a mini project to support them with their learning next half-term. Please click on the link below to see your child’s half-termly project.

Holiday Project – Autumn 2

Holiday Project – Spring 2

Holiday Project – Summer 1


Class gallery

We loved visiting the library in Bradford’s City Park.






As part of our DT project, we planned, made, ate and evaluated our own pizzas!










In science we have been learning all about the human body. We made a life-size diagram and labelled the important parts of our bodies.






Other useful links to support learning

We enjoy keeping up to date with world affairs and events are hot topics for discussion and debates.