Educational Visits

Educational Visits and Visitors

Educational Visits provide pupils with the opportunity to undergo experiences not available in the classroom or undertaken from home. These visits enrich and reinforce learning. First hand experiences help to develop pupils' investigative skills and encourage greater independence and confidence.

Long Term Plan

The long term plan shows where each year group visit over an academic year. In addition to this, pupils will go on local walks around the school and visit local places in the minibus.


All pupils will also visit a different place of holy worship over their time at Farnham to fit in with the religious education curriculum to help them understand and respect different religions around the world. 

Visitors in School

We also invite a range of visitors into school to support pupils with their learning and prepare them for the wider world. This includes artists, authors, theatre groups, music bands, as well as police and health professionals to support the PSHE curriculum. 

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