I can say my numbers to 20

I can count up to 20 from any number

I can place numbers up to 20 in order starting from any number

I can count back from 20

I can say 1 more and 1 less than any number to 20

Things you can do at home to help
A really easy game to play, is where you show your child a number (from 1 – 20, which can simply be written on a piece of paper) and ask them to get that many objects. Then place the number with the objects. When you have completed all numbers from 1-20, you can then order them from 1 – 20. Hopefully your child will see that the number of objects is increasing as the number increases. You can play games where you match an amount of objects to a number. Simply drawing items on a piece of paper or getting some of their favourite things. Your child could then write the number to match the amount. You could order numbers from 1-20 using number cards or writing number down. You can then use this to count forwards and backwards. You could arrange an amount of ‘things’ on the floor and ask your child to count them.

Links to games that will help