I can say all my numbers to 10

I can count up to 10 from any number

I can place numbers up to 10 in order starting from any number

I can count back from 10

I can say 1 more and 1 less than any number to 10

Things you can do at home to help
Encourage your child to count forwards and backwards every time they go up or down the stairs. You could play games together where you count objects around the home. This could be counting toys, cutlery as you put them on the table, teddies, small figures and anything else your child is interested in. You could play ‘count down’ games (from 10 to 0) when tidying up or getting ready to go somewhere. The children love this game and will get very excited to finish/get ready in the time given. You could play a game where you hide numbers around the house, when your child finds a number get them to count from that number up to 10. Simply cut a piece of paper into 4 and get your child to write a number on each or you could get them to count to 10 while you write the numbers.

Links to games that will help