DT & Maths Curriculum Day

DT & Maths Curriculum Day

Tuesday 17th January 2023

Our Design Technology (DT) and maths curriculum day was a great opportunity for our pupils to practice their DT skills. They spent the day exploring and learning about how key events and individuals in design technology have helped shape the world.  They investigated and analysed a range of existing products, discussed their features, construction, purpose and intended users.  They designed, made and evaluated products.

They linked their DT projects to maths by investigating measures including length, weight and time. They discussed shape and even used data to analyse their products.


Nursery investigated houses as part of their learning about themselves.

Reception designed, made and evaluated shaped jam sandwiches.

Year 1 created moving pictures linked to their space theme.

Year 2 investigated fire engines as part of their learning about the Great Fire of London.

Year 3 designed, created and evaluated Stone Age houses.

Year 4 designed and sewed swimming bags.

Year 5 linked their learning about the Greeks last half-term to design and make Greek sandals.

Year 6 used motors to investigate, design and make RNLI lifeboats linked to their coastal topic in Geography.