What is it?

The governing body is a group of people made up of parents, staff, LA rep and members of the local community. The body supports the leadership of the school. Governors are motivated by a commitment to the children, and work to make sure they get the best out of their time. The role is voluntary and not paid.

Farnham Governing Body

Farnham’s governing body strive to work with our dedicated and hard working management, to ensure that as a school our vision and strategic direction remain focused on achieving the very best and highest standard for all our children.  They do this by supporting all within the school whilst relentlessly critiquing every aspect of governance from the schools policy and procedures to the focus points for improvement. They regularly meet as a Full Governing Body as well as Committees; governors also have specific dedicated responsibilities and named roles for each year group which they perform to their best to ensure the performance of each and every department within the school.

There are different types of governors:

Parent representative (two places) are elected by parents

Co-Opted governors representative (6 places) are appointed by the governing body

Staff governor representative (one place) is elected by staff

The Headteacher (one place) is always a member of the governing body

Associate members (two) are appointed by the governing body

Meet our Governors


Jonathan Duke

Chair of local Governing Body

Rakiya Begum

Vice Chair

I was born in Bradford and attended Farnham Primary School during my primary education so have familiarity with Farnham Ethos and Values.

I have since studied and graduated in Leeds as a Finance Professional, and have led quite a successful career in Finance. I have never forgotten my foundation of learning and the impact Farnham and my then Teachers have had on me. And this is developed to be more paramount to me as I have become a parent myself. I am a proud mum of four fantastic young children who all attend Farnham.

I am ardent to drive the standards of the school further in my capacity as a Governor.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate individual and want to contribute all I can to improve our community and education and values of our children and future generations.

Baljit Bains


David Quick

Associate Governor

Kathryn Thewlis

Staff Governor

Kathryn Thewlis has been a teacher at Farnham Primary School for almost 7 years and currently teaches Year 6. During her time at Farnham, she has worked within a variety of year groups, building a secure foundation of experience and knowledge of each key stage. She has led various areas of the curriculum including English, history & heritage and most recently, phonics. She has joined the governing body as staff governor.

Kathryn studied English Literature and Language at Bradford University and is currently completing a Masters degree in Classical Studies.

Sascha MacDonald


Apointment Date: 23/02/2021

I’m the Relationship Manager in Yorkshire for Evolve, a Social Impact Company. Our mission is to help develop healthier, happier and more fulfilled pupils through hands-on mentoring, physical engagement and active learning. Our projects span primary, secondary and post 16 education sectors.

Stephanie Canning


Waheed Ahmed