Farnham News


PSHEE Curriculum Week 

September 2022


Year 5 & 6 Dance Workshops

30th September & 1st October 2022

Dance United Yorkshire is a charity delivering high-quality contemporary dance projects to hard-to-reach people across Yorkshire. When they visited Farnham, the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and were able to express themselves through the power of dance.


Plumber Drummer

Wednesday 5th October 2022

The children were captivated when  Nathan Robinson, aka ‘The Plumber Drummer’, came to play at Farnham with his pipes and tubes encased in a metal cage-type box.  Nathan played some rhythmical pieces of music and instantly all the students were on board and clapping around the hall.


English & History Curriculum Day 

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Our English curriculum day was around the theme of British History so each class focussed on a different aspect of World War and what impact it had on Britain. The children learned about important events and people including Khudadad Khan, who was the first British Indian soldier to receive the Victoria Cross medal. As a school, we spent the day looking at different elements of our local history and explored how this helped us understand our own identity and that of our families. Our English curriculum day was around the theme of British History so each class focussed on a different aspect of World War and what impact it had on Britain. 


Year 1 Industrial Museum 

In Year 1 the children enjoyed a trip to the Industrial Museum. It is one of the first trips that the children have been on. In the Industrial Museum the children visited a toy workshop where they played with lots of exciting old and new toys and sorted them in different ways. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their visit. 


Year 2 Cartwright Hall

Our Year 2 children were very excited when they heard they were going on a school trip to Cartwright Hall. The children explored the art galleries and experienced a workshop based on the artist, Lowry. The children dressed up in the role of one of the match stick men from his paintings, sketched using graphite and oil pastels and made 3D model imitations of the streets in his paintings. 

Year 6 Whitby 

Experiential learning is crucial to help children develop concrete understanding of abstract concepts to reinforce learning so we were thrilled to resume our educational visits this year. And what an exciting start to the new year we have had! Year 6 started with a visit to Whitby where they were able to make real life connections from what they had learned in the classroom to what they could observe first hand about the impact of coastal erosion to our coastline. They also used this experience to visit Whitby Abbey as they had been learning about Bram Stoker’s Dracula and could make connections to the setting in the book with the quaint village of Whitby. 

During half term,  Autumn, our Farnham fox, visited Rome to help Mrs Thewlis take part in an archaeological excavation. The children were very excited to see Autumn’s adventures documented through Google Classroom and were pleased to see Autumn having a lovely holiday visiting famous landmarks including the Colosseum and Vatican City.

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