Year 5





We have had a brilliant start to Year 5.


We had a fabulous day with Moving Words Poetry.

Our main focus was the 1950's, when hundreds of Caribbean migrants arrived at Tilbury Docks, England, with the hope of a better life on a ship named 'The Windrush'.

We took a deep look at what it felt like being a person of colour in that period of time and how immigration impacted on creating the vibrant, multi-racial society we now know.

Inspired by the poet, John Agard, we wrote our own Windrush Child poems.

To end the day, we enjoyed a little bit of 1950's 'Rock & Roll'.

Year 5 were challenged to be creative over the October holidays. We are very impressed with their Space projects. These are just a sample of the work they did during Half Term. Thank you for your support with these. 

Home Learning

Viking boats  Viking boats  Viking boats

Science: Properties of Materials Science: Properties of Materials

Our Science topic this half term is Properties of Materials and Changing Materials. There are a wide range of websites that your child can look through with lots of videos. Baking is a wonderful way to see how materials change and a fun way to spend time together as a family. Perhaps you could make a poster or information leaflet that explains the differences between reversible and irreversible changes. 

BBC Bitesize Science

Make plastic milk (only to be done with an adult!)

Try some lava in a cup

Blow up a balloon with yeast

The Magic Ketchup Experiment

Learning ideas from the National Science and Media Museum

Greek Pots

Year 5 really enjoyed getting creative whilst making Greek Pots. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to help us with this. We hope you enjoyed it too! 

We have celebrated the festival of Harvest and looked at its historical significance. Alongside this, we looked at the importance of Food Banks in our community and used our Maths skills to create our own 3D food packaging. Thank you to all the families that donated tins and food packages which we donated to the local Food Bank.






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