Year 4




Autumn 1


 In Maths we have enjoyed learning about place value and the value of each digit in a number. We have used place value grids and counters to build and compare different 4 digit numbers. These last few weeks we have been learning about column addition and have been working hard to practise this skill and use our understanding to explain some reasoning questions.


In English we have been learning about traditional tales and have enjoyed reading the book 'Grimm Tales' by Phillip Pullman. We have looked at the descriptions of settings and characters used in this book which has helped us to plan and write our own fairytales!

Autumn 2


In Maths this half term we have enjoyed learning about the formal methods for addition and subtraction. We have used place value grids again to see how formal addition calculation works and what happens when a column makes more than 9 - we have to carry! We have done the same with subtraction and now we understand when and how we need to borrow!

At the end of the term we started learning about multiplication and the 6 times table. We are looking forward to learning about this more in January!


In English we have loved learning about our new book - Arthur and the Golden Rope. We had such a fun time meeting Professor Browstones (who looked strangley like Miss Earp!) and asking him all sorts of questions about the artefacts inside his vault. In fact, we entered his competition to win a place to go inside his vault. We wrote him a persuasive letter explaining why we deserved to be chosen and what artefacts we would like to see the most. Guess what - we were all invited to visit! It was an amazing room - there were so many treaures from around the world and we even saw a pink, squishy brain!

We have carried on reading the story and have found out that the Professor's grandson, Arthur, lives in a small village in Iceland. One day, a large, black wolf attacked the town and we did some drama to explore the feelings of the townspeople at this time. From this, we wrote some fantastic newspaper reports that we have edited and published this week - Miss Earp and Mr Asquith are very proud!

Spring 1


In Maths this half term we have been working on our multiplication facts for the 6,7 and 9 times table. We started by building arrays for each of these times tables and finding the 4 multiplication and division facts for each array. We began to see lots of patterns between the different times tables. For example, the 6 times table answers are just double those of the 3 times table! We then used our knowledge to learn the formal method for short multiplication.

At the end of the half term, we started to look at our formal methods for division. We practised by building and dividing numbers using the place value grids before drawing the counters and grouping them in our books. This helped us to understand how many groups could be made by each number. We worked hard to develop our reasoning of this skill by spotting and correcting mistakes by others and finding which calculations were the greatest and why.



In English, we completed our book - Arthur and the Golden Rope. We worked hard to create some fantastic character descriptions of the bird that helps Arthur save the day! We really enjoyed reading our book and were so shocked by the ending!

After that, we completed our poetry unit using the fantastic poem collection called 'Werewolf Club Rules.' We read, discussed and performed a really funny poem called 'A little bit of food' by Joseph Coelho. It was hilarious! Then we wrote our own version of the poem based on our favourite foods.


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Please listen to your child read every day and help them with their times table facts. Times table Rockstars battles will be added regularly and Miss Earp and Mr Asquith will be challenging you to beat their score! 

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Learn by Heart Homework


Times table Rockstars!

In year 4 we are very competitive when it comes to times tables! We love challenging each other on TTRS and trying to win more coins to build our characters. Some children in our year group are so fast that they are rock heroes - this means we can answer 60 times table questions in less than 1 minute! WOW!

Creative Curriculum

In Science we have been learning all about our teeth and why they are so important. We enjoyed using playdoh to build animal and human teeth so we could compare them. Finally, we read a book called 'If I had animal teeth' where we learnt how our lives might be different with rattlesnake or great white shark teeth! We used our new learning to write a letter to Miss Earp persuading her why we should be allowed to change our boring, old human teeth to cooler (and sharper!) animal teeth!

In Autumn 2, we started learning about the digestive system and the different organs that are part of it. We helped Miss Earp to make our own digestive system using tights to represent the small intestines and a bag of juice and food to represent how the stomach mushes and breaks down our food. It was so much fun!


In Spring 1, we started our new topic on electricity. We enjoyed learning all about different appliances that use electricity and how a bulb works in a circuit. We tested different conductors (materials that electricity pass through) and insulators (materials that don't let electricity pass through) before using our knowledge to design and test our own switches. As you can see from the pictures, we had LOTS of fun!



In History we have been learning all about the Romans and the weapons they used to fight and invade other countries. We have enjoyed making our own roman shields, practising some battle formations and then using our experiences to write a diary entry about our day as a Roman soldier! 

In Autumn 2 we learnt about what the Romans did for us which helped us to prepare for our assembly. We used what we had learnt to teach the rest of the school about the important inventions created by the Romans such as law, roads, drains and central heating! Some children even did some extra research about how Roman roads were made and why they were so important then and now.

In Spring 2, we started our Geography unit - Where would you choose to build a city? We started by looking at cities of the UK and comparing their physical and human features. We found that some common features were rivers, hospitals, train stations and cathedrals. After that, we looked at other types of settlements and started to compare them. We looked at some of the positives and negatives of living in a city compared to a village. Finally, we looked at how the land is used in different settlements. For example, is it used mainly for housing, retail, leisure or agriculture?

When we came back from the holidays, we have a Haworth and Bronte day to prepare for our trip to the Bronte Parsonage. We looked closer at the land use in Haworth and found that it is mainly used for agriculture, housing and retail. We then worked in teams to plan different sections of our route to Haworth. We highlighted the roads we could take to get there in the quickest way. Finally, we did a small History project on the Bronte family and their lives! We were given secret envelopes with information about each of the children. First we had to summarise the key facts before writing up our ideas as a paragraph and making them into windows for our own Bronte Parsonages! 4LE enjoyed sharing this information with the rest of the school during our class assembly!


Our trip to the Bronte Parsonage

We had a fantastic day out in Haworth this week! We went to the Bronte Parsonage where the actual Bronte family lived in the 1800's. We enjoyed looking around the museum and seeing how the family used to live during that time. Then we did a drama session on the novel 'Jane Eyre' that was written by Charlotte Bronte. We enjoyed dressing up in some of the old clothes and we really had to think about how to act out the different characters. We worked hard to use our facial expressions and body language to show the personalities of the different characters!

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