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Online Learning 

Please use the following two websites to help you with your home learning

Oak National Academy online learning

Summer Term Maths Projects 

During the Summer term we would like you to first learn about money, times tables (3x and 8x in particular) and fractions. Then we would like you to learn about mass and capacity.

As we get closer to the summer holidays we would like you to try to learn how to tell the time.

These Power Maths sheets below (Check the page numbers to do them in the right order) will help you. You can see all the units for Summer Term plus the Year 3 text books if you need extra help by clicking here:

You will need to agree to terms and conditions and enable popups in your web browser to see these resources.

There are also "Try it, Apply it, Fly with it" STOPS maths fractions problem solving sheets for you to challenge yourselves with.

Look also at the White Rose links (Bottom right) on this page

or click here for video maths help

and the daily Oak National Academy lessons above.

Please screenshot and send any of the black and white worksheets to the school office for us to mark. Thank you,

Mr Poulton and Mrs Heaton


Times Tables


Fractions Part 2




STOPS Fractions Part 1

STOPS Fractions Part 2

English Home Learning

Spelling Practice.  

Can you learn to read and spell these Year 3 and 4 words? Can you use them in some sentences?

Summer Learning Project. Why do we go on Mediterranean Holidays?

Where do you go on holiday? Do you think we will be able to go on holiday in another country this year?

We're going to try and find out what it's like in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.  You need to choose a country and find out what you can.  You can draw or paint a picture, you could make a model or a power point.  Tell us what interesting information you have found. 

We'd love to see your work. Take a photo of what you've done and send it to the office email. We'll put some on the Year 3 page so we can see what everyone else is doing.


Here's some ideas to get you started!


Research Project








Please help your children better understand the situation by looking through 'Children's Guide to Coronavirus'. Click here:    

During school closure, school will continue to help pupils with their education. We will update this page on a regular basis on work you can do with your child. 

There are more links on the Home Learning page containing subject specific tasks you can use with your child. 

Please listen to your child read every day and help them learn their number facts and times tables.  If you run out of things to read, there are many authors offering reading material online. 

Try to do a little school work every day, try to get some fresh air too. 

We'd love to see your work and if you send us some photos we'll add the to the gallery below.

Take care of yourselves, be kind, stay safe and we hope to see you back at school soon.

Mrs Heaton, Mr Poulton, Ms Sattar and Mrs Malik 



Here's what you've been doing at home!

Some ideas for the summer

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Talk 4 Writing Unicorns Uncovered

Lockdown Creative Writing

Summer Term English Project

Read about the Stone Trolls here:

Over the next few weeks please read and listen to the writing about Stone Trolls. If you can try some of the worksheets and send them to the school office that would be even better. Enjoy the story.

If you enjoyed reading about the Stone Trolls you can read and write more about them with this unit of work: The Truth about Trolls

Journey to the Jungle Reading Activities

Help With Reading

If your child needs a little more help with reading or spelling you can check how many words they know (Their sight vocabulary) with this check list. Any they don’t know, give them no more than 10 to learn each week. They can practise using the look, cover, write then check strategy we have taught them in school. If you want to tick those they know and email a screen shot to the office, Mrs Heaton and I will give you feedback on what to do next.

Thank you

Mr Poulton

More Help With Maths

Online Maths help, the link below will take you to some videos showing some of the maths we have been learning. Try to watch a different one every week. 

White Rose Maths Videos


Summer Term 2 Science Project

During the Summer term we are learning about plants. Please click on this link to watch a video lesson about plant science experiments.

When you have watched it try to complete the worksheet. Good luck and have fun doing it.

There are now 4 different Empiribox lessons about plants:

Parts of a plant




Even more new lessons will be added before the summer holiday. How many can you complete?

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