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We hope you are all well and keeping safe. During school closure, school will continue to help children with their education. 

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Please continue to work through the year 2 mathematics and reading learning packs that were sent out.  Please listen to your child read every day and make sure they know all their Learn By Hearts.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Naylor and Mrs Neely

Remember it is important to stay happy, healthy and safe during this time. Please find below some important guidance to help your child/ren in this situation as keeping them safe is paramount to us.

Harold's daily diary for children

support for parents and carers

Staying safe online resources


(Below are some additional Mathematics, English, Science and Topic activities. These will be updated regularly) 2 lessons

curriculum based activity book for KS1

Home    Mathematics

Telling the time

By the end of Year 2, you should be able to tell; o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. Use the interactive clock to pratise.

interactive clock

For a daily mathematics lesson with a video visit:

daily mathematics lesson

This weeks focus:

Monday-Multiplications sentences using the x sign

Tuesday- Use arrays

Wednesday- The 2 x table

Thursday-The 5 x table

Friday- Math challenge

This covers the mathematics learning we were due to start.

 Find the task linked to the videos below



Can you complete these 15 questions?

1. 3 + 3+ 3=               6. 2 x 2 =            11. 1/4 of 16

2.27 + 13=                  7. 72 - 35 =        12. 3/4 of 16

3. 72 - 41=                  8. 1/2 of 64 =     13. 4 x 5 =

4. 56 - ? = 14             9. ? - 16 = 8        14. 20 ÷ 2 =

5. 10 x 7 =                  10. 47+ 65 =      15. 80 ÷ 10=

Heart symbol - Wikipedia  Learn By HeartHeart symbol - Wikipedia

Learn by Heart Homework



Times Tables Rock Stars.         Play to add points to your class

Times Tables Rockstars — William Harding SchoolDon't forget to use Times Tables Rock Stars!

The year group battle so far:

2GN- 9,532


Well done 2JN for taking the lead this week. Can 2GN reclaim the lead?



Our book is Rapunzel by Bethan Woolin. We pretended to be Rapunzel leaving the tower for the first time.



We linked our Maths learning by using a ruler accurately to measure and then compare Rapunzel's length of hair.



Creative Curriculum

We have been learning about Bradford and our local area. Do you like our moving pictures that show our local high street? We made them move using sliders.


After looking at a 1906 map and an old photograph of the local area, we decided to go out and find the evidence ourselves. We found out that there used to be a railway line across Farnham Road and Stratford Road. Our school building was on the map over 100 years ago so we found evidence on the side of our school. Take a look at our fieldwork photographs...

Our trip to Cartwright Hall

Year 2 visited cartwright Hall to learn about the artist Lowry. We took part in a workshop and spent some time exploring the art gallery, recording in our sketchbooks.


 Story Time

Storytime clipart readin, Storytime readin Transparent FREE for ...

Story Time 3     Beware of the Bears

Questions about the story.

  1. Why were the bears hopping mad?
  2. Who went to find out where Goldilocks lived?
  3. What cereal did the bears eat?
  4. What did they do in the living room?
  5. What did the bears do upstairs?
  6. What did Goldilocks do when she saw the bathroom flooded with water and decorated with shaving foam?
  7. Why did Goldilocks laugh when she saw the bears?
  8. Whose house was it?
  9. What do you think the owner might do when he finds out what the bears have done?

Writing linked to the story

Can you write a similar story and have the bears do different things in the rooms. Can you change who the house belongs to?

Can you write a letter to the Wolf from the bears to apologise?

Design your own breakfast cereal box.

Story Time 2     Into the Forest        


Questions about the story.

  1. What woke the boy?
  2. Where do you think dad is?
  3. What did mum ask the boy to do?
  4. Why did he go through the forest?
  5. Which story characters did the boy meet in the forest?
  6. Who was the boy like in the story?
  7. Who did you think was going to be at Grandma's house?
  8. Why was Grandma's voice different?
  9. How did the boy feel at the end of the story? why?

Writing linked to the story

Can you write a recipe to make cake?

Write a get well card to Grandma.

In this story there were some traditional tale characters. Can you retell one of these stories.

Can you write a similar story and meet different characters?

Story Time 1   Owl Babies                            

Questions about the story.

  1. What were the names of the baby owls?
  2. Who were they waiting for?
  3. Can you use some adjectives to describe the owls?
  4. Where was their mummy?
  5. What word does the author use to describe how she flew through the trees.
  6. Can you use this word in your own sentence?
  7. How do you think the babies felt when they saw their mummy? why?
  8. Owls are nocturnal animals. What does that mean?
  9. Can you think of some other nocturnal animals?

Writing linked to the story

Find out all about owls. Write a report about them using subheadings.

Write a fact sheet about owls or a different nocturnal animal.

Can you write a similar story using a different nocturnal animal?

Write a 'What am I?' riddle and see if we can guess the nocturnal animal you are describing.

Talk For Writing

Elves and the Shoemaker

The Magical Teaching Box

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere

Home learning English packs from Hamilton Trust

weeks 1 and 2

weeks 3-10

Short stories to read

Keep up your reading with some short stories.

short stories

Writing Tasks

Remember when we pretended to be Rapunzel locked in the tower and we wrote a diary?

Write your own diary page to describe having to stay at home. 

Children in the future will learn about this event in their history lessons. They might use your diary as evidence like we used Samuel Pepys.

Spelling and Grammar

Can you use spell these year 2 words?

whole, most, both, only, clothes

Use them in a sentence. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end. Can you use a conjunction to make your sentence better?

Try and write a question sentence using a question mark at the end.

Grammar and spelling activities below 

Grammar and Spelling Activities


Children Science


We have been looking at materials. Look around your house. Can you find objects made out of wood, glass, plastic, metal, fabric or paper? Can you describe the objects using the words like hard, soft, waterproof, absorbent, opaque, transparent?

Can you find out about  John Boyd Dunlop and Charles Macintosh? What materials did they invent?

 Curriculum – Primary Creative Curriculum


Our new topic is all about Africa.

The UK. What can you remember?


What are the 7 continents in the world? Can you create a map or globe showing the 7 continents? Find out about the continent Africa.


African facts



Kenya is a country in Africa. Can you create your own map of Kenya ?   Create your own fact sheet. Can you draw a suitcase with the things you would pack if you were going to Kenya? Find out about the different animals you could see in Kenya. Can you draw the animals? Make and write a postcard from Kenya.


Living in Kenya

Find out about the day in the life of a rural Kenyan child. Make a Venn diagram to compare Life in Kenya with life in the UK. Make a model rural Kenyan house.  Create a non chronological report to describe what living in rural Kenya is like.


Martin Bulinya

Find out about this Kenyan artist. Can you create your own picture to represent Kenya?


African masks

Find out about African masks. Design and make your own African mask.



Chester zoo


Learn about art sketchbooks and how to use them.

All about sketchbooks

 Choose activities from the suggestions below all about last half terms topic- The Great Fire of London. 

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