Year 1


Please help your children better understand the situation by looking through 'Children's Guide to Coronavirus'. Click here:    

During school closure, school will continue to help pupils with their education. We will update this page on a regular basis on work you can do with your child. 

There are more links on the Home Learning page containing subject specific tasks you can use with your child. 

Please listen to your child read every day and help them learn their number facts and times tables.  

Remember to do a little every day.

Take care, from Ms Nixon, Mrs Marsden, Mrs Inala and Mrs Ramsden


Learn by Heart Homework

Harold's Daily Diary

Support for Parents and Carers

Online Safety Resources

White Rose Online Maths Videos







Summer Term  Topic 1

What do you know about transport? What can you find out from home? 


3-2-1 BLASTOFF Learn all about ASTRONAUTS!

Hello everyone hope you are all well.

love Miss Nixon


WB. 15.6.20

Here is some fun learning all about the first man on the moon, make sure you watch the power point first.

Here is some Astronaut maths for you all for the week starting 15.6.20. Enjoy

A piece of comprehension all about the first man on the moon.


Do you fancy a bit of Design and Technology? Lets do some baking, make sure you get an adult to help you.

Last week was the NHS birthday, have a read about all the things the NHS does for us and answer the questions. Enter text...

Here is some advice from the Oxford Owl website to help adults help you to learn your spellings.

Try learning a few spellings each day then put them into a sentence. Below is the list of spellings you should be able to spell by the end of Year 1.


Here is the Talk for Writing Unit this week.

Don't forget to do some grammar too!

For all you football fans. Marcus Rashford is someone we can all strive to be like. Read all about him and then answer the questions. Enter text...


If you are thinking about coming back to school here is a little powerpoint to let you know about some things that you will need to do and about some of the changes you will see.



Home Projects

What have you been doing while you are home?

Click on the gallery below to see the work everyone is doing.


Summer Term Science Topic 1

Have you noticed all the colours of the summer flowers? Find out more about plants with the activities below.

Summertime Science Project.Here are some fun ideas to try.

Summer Term Science project 2

'Ribbit ribbit!!'

This next few weeks in school we are finding out about lifecycles.  Below are some activities for you to try.

'Croak croak'

Now try some activities. Have fun!

Here are some ideas for things to make.

In class this week we have been making cress heads, why dont you have a go at home too, don't forget to send pictures when they have grown. Enter text...


Activity Ideas for early years and for children with SEND





















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