Religious Education


At Farnham Primary School, we enjoying learning about all the different religions and comparing them to our own beliefs. Every year group will cover the key question for that term from the Bradford RE syllabus by looking in depth at 2 religions and comparing them.

The questions we use to explore each religion:


 Autumn term - What does special mean to me?

Spring term - What is special to us?

Summer term - How do we show what is special to us?


KS1 (years 1 and 2)

 Autumn term- Can you tell what somebody believes by what they look like? 

Spring term - What is special to faith communities?

Summer term - How does what believers do show what they believe?


Lower KS2 (years 3 and 4)

Autumn term - What do different people believe about God?

Spring term - How do faith communities demonstrate what is sacred?

Summer term - How do believers use symbolism to show their beliefs?


Upper KS2 (years 5 and 6)

 Autumn term - Why are their different beliefs about God?

Spring term - Why are certain people, places and times sacred?

Summer term - Why do people need to express their beliefs?



There are some links below to find out more! Have a look at some of the videos and see what extra facts you can find out about each religion!



The religions we learn about during our time at school are...







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