Appendix 8

Safer recruitment

8.1 An enhanced DBS check with barred list information will be undertaken for all staff members engaged in regulated activity. A person will be considered to be in ‘regulated activity’ if, as a result of their work, they: 

  • Are responsible on a daily basis for the care of supervision of children. 
  • Regularly work in the school at times when children are on the premises. 
  • Regularly come into contact with children under 18 years of age. 

Pre-employment checks

8.2 The governing body will assess the suitability of prospective employees by: 

  • Verifying the candidate’s identity, preferably from current photographic ID and proof of address except where, for exceptional reasons, none is available. 
  • Obtaining a certificate for an enhanced DBS check with barred list information where the person will be engaged in regulated activity. 
  • Obtaining a separate barred list check if an individual will start work in regulated activity before the DBS certificate is available. 
  • Checking that a candidate to be employed as a teacher is not subject to a prohibition order issued by the Secretary of State, using the Teacher Services’ System. 
  • Verifying the candidate’s mental and physical fitness to undertake their working responsibilities, including asking relevant questions about disability and health to establish whether they have the physical and mental capacity for the specific role. 
  • Checking the person’s right to work in the UK. If there is uncertainty about whether an individual needs permission to work in the UK, the advice set out on the Gov.UK website will be followed. 
  • If the person has lived or worked outside the UK, making any further checks that the school considers appropriate; this includes checking for any teacher sanctions or restrictions that an EEA professional regulating authority has imposed. 
  • Checking professional experience and qualifications as appropriate. 

8.3 A DBS certificate will be obtained from candidates before or as soon as practicable after appointment. An online update check may be undertaken through the DBS update service if an applicant has subscribed to it and gives their permission.

8.4 An enhanced DBS certificate and barred list check will be obtained for all trainee teachers.

8.5 An enhanced criminal records DBS check will be carried out on for each member of the governing body.

8.6 The school will refer to the DBS anyone who has harmed a child, poses a risk of harm to a child, or if there is reason to believe the member of staff has committed an offence and has been removed from working in regulated activity. A supervised volunteer who regularly teaches or looks after children is not in regulated activity.

8.7 For those who have lived or worked outside of the UK, additional checks regarding teacher sanctions or restrictions will be conducted; this includes checking for any teacher sanctions or restrictions that an EEA professional regulating authority has imposed.

Barred list check

8.8 An enhanced DBS check may be requested for anyone working in the school that is not in regulated activity, but not with a barred list check.

8.9 If there are concerns about an applicant, an enhanced DBS check with barred list information may be requested, even if he/she has worked in regulated activity in the three months prior to appointment.

8.10 Written information about their previous employment history will be obtained from candidates and the appropriate checks undertaken to ensure information is not contradictory or incomplete.


8.11 References will be obtained directly from referees and scrutinised, with all concerns satisfactorily resolved prior to confirmation of employment.

8.12 References will be sought on all short-listed candidates, including internal ones, before interview and checked on receipt to ensure that all specific questions were answered satisfactorily.

8.13 Information about past disciplinary action or allegations will be considered carefully when assessing an applicant’s suitability for a post.

8.14 Checks will be conducted to ensure that the contractor presenting themselves for work is the same person on whom the checks have been made.


8.15 No volunteer will be left unsupervised or allowed to work in regulated activity until the necessary checks have been obtained.

8.16 An enhanced DBS certificate with barred list check will be obtained for all new volunteers in regulated activity that will regularly teach or look after children on an unsupervised basis or provide personal care on a one-off basis.

8.17 An enhanced DBS certificate will be obtained for new volunteers not in regulated activity.

8.18 The school will consider obtaining an enhanced DBS certificate with barred list check for existing volunteers that provide pastoral care.

8.19 Unless there is cause for concern, the school will not request a DBS certificate with barred list check for other unsupervised volunteers that are continuing with their current studies, as the volunteer should already have been checked.

8.20 A risk assessment will be undertaken for volunteers not engaged in regulated activity when deciding whether to seek an enhanced DBS check.

8.21 The school will ensure that policies and procedures are in place to protect pupils from harm during work experience placements.

8.22 The school will ensure that any contractor or employee of the contractor working on the premises has been subject to the appropriate level of DBS check.

8.23 Contractors without a DBS check will be supervised if they will have contact with children. The identity of the contractor will be checked upon their arrival at the school. 

8.24 DBS certificates will be securely destroyed as soon as practicable, but not retained for longer than six months from receipt, as outlined in The Data Protection Act 1998.

8.25 A copy of the other documents used to verify the successful candidate’s identity, right to work and required qualifications will be kept for the personnel file.

Single central record (SCR)

8.26 The school keeps an SCR which records all staff, including supply staff and teacher trainees on salaried routes, who work at the school.

8.27 The following information is recorded on the SCR: 

  • An identify check 
  • A barred list check 
  • An enhanced DBS check 
  • A prohibition from teaching check 
  • (Independent schools only) A section 128 check 
  • A check of professional qualifications 
  • A check to determine the individual’s right to work in the UK 
  • Additional checks for those who have lived or worked outside of the UK 

8.28 For supply staff, the school will also record whether written confirmation from the employment business supplying the member of staff has been received, which indicates that all of the necessary checks have been conducted and the date that confirmation was received.

8.29 If any checks have been conducted for volunteers, this will also be recorded on the SCR.

Staff suitability

8.30 All centres providing care for pupils under the age of eight must ensure that staff and volunteers working in these settings are not disqualified from doing so under the Childcare (Disqualification) regulations 2009.

8.31 A person may be disqualified if they: 

  • Have certain orders or other restrictions placed upon them. 
  • Have committed certain offences. 

8.32 Live in the same household as someone who is disqualified by virtue of one or two of the above reasons (known as disqualification by association).

8.33 All staff members are required to sign the declaration form confirming that they are not disqualified from working in a schooling environment.

8.34 A disqualified person will not be permitted to continue working at the school, unless they apply for and are granted a waiver from Ofsted. The school will provide support with this process.

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