The BIG Question

This week’s questions are:

EY & KS1 : How would you describe an elephant to someone who has never seen one?

KS2 : What makes you, you?

The power of the question mark — SWOOP Analytics

At Farnham Primary School, we encourage children to think about the world around them by asking questions about what they see, hear and experience. Each week, pupils are posed a different ‘Big Question’ which aims to develop their social, moral, spiritual, cultural, physical, and political awareness, alongside promoting literacy, reinforcing British Values and encouraging their curiosity about the world around them. The aim of these thought-provoking questions are  to stimulate discussion to allow pupils to form opinions and to develop their reasoning and discussion skills.

Answering the BIG Question:

  • It doesn’t need a simple or ‘right’ answer.
  • Other people may have different opinions or views on it.
  • You may need to research or learn more to answer it.
  • It may lead to other questions. 
  • Discuss this as a family, perhaps at meals times of bedtime. 


Please help your child to reason and form opinions; don’t be worried if these are different from yours.  Open-ended questions have no right or wrong answers, but help to broaden children’s thinking processes, to develop their speech and language skills, and to build confidence in their ability to express themselves using words.